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  • EPS Database
  • The EPS Database provides access to detailed structural (1D-3D) taxonomic and bibliographic information on bacterial EPS
  • EK3D an E. coli K antigen 3-dimensional structure database is a repository of 72 E. coli K antigens that provides information about the sugar composition, epimeric & enantiomeric forms and linkages between the sugar monomers.
  • MATRIX-DB MatrixDB is a biological database focused on molecular interactions between extracellular proteins and polysaccharides. It contains protein-protein interactions (PPIs) and also protein-glycosaminoglycan interactions, and 3D structures of GlycosAminoGlycans.
  • POLYSACDB A comprehensive database of microbial polysaccharide antigens and their antibodies
  • POLYSAC3DB PolySac3DB is an annotated database that contains the 3D structural information and original fiber diffraction data of 157 polysaccharide entries that have been collected from an extensive screening of scientific literature
  • POLYS-GLYCAN BUILDER An intuitive application to build 3D structures of polysaccharides (algea, bacteria, GAG, plants)