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Workshop Structural Glycoscience. Grenoble July 2018

Structural Glycoscience Grenoble 2018: Program & Documents

From Monosaccharides to Polysaccharides, from Structures to 3D Databases.
> Serge Perez
Docking and Molecular Modelling. >]. Elisa Fadda
Protein-sugar Interaction Isothermal Titration Calorimetry. Bruce Turnbull
Application of Neutron Diffraction to Glycoscience.
Protein-sugar complexes by X-ray crystallography. >] Annabelle Varrot
Solution studies: Analytical ultracentrifugation, SAXS, SANS, MALS. >]. Christine Ebel
Protein-Sugar Interaction by Surface Plasmon Resonance. Jean-Baptiste Reiser
NMR of Oligosaccharide and Protein Oligosaccharide Complex. >]. Antonio Molinaro
Electron microscopy: new opportunities. >] Hélène Malet
C-type lectins. Franck Fieschi
Galectins. Ulf Nilsson