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Functional Glycomics



  • Glyco-CD Provides a collection of lectins and carbohydrates. Glyco-CD offers information on 63 clusters of differentiation (CD) antigens.
  • GlycoEpitope https://www.glycoepitope.ThisTHis database contains useful information on carbohydrate antigens, i.e. glyco-epitopes, and antibodies has been assembled as a compact encyclopedia.
  • LectinDB An integrated knowledge base ( Lectindb, together with appropriate analytical tools )
  • LfDB Lectin Frontier DataBase (LfDB) provides quantitative interaction data in terms of the affinity constants (Ka) of a series of lectins toward a panel of pyridylaminated (PA) glycans
  • MCAW-DB MCAW-DB is a database whereby users can view the multiple alignment analysis results obtained from the Multiple Carbohydrate Alignment with Weights (MCAW) tool
  • PACDB Pathogen Adherence to Carbohydrate Database
  • SugarBindDB provides information on known carbohydrate sequences to which pathogenic organisms (bacteria, toxins and viruses) specifically adhere.
  • UniLectin3D UniLectin platform is a dedicated portal of databases and tools to study the lectins


  • PLecDom PLecDom is a program for detection of Plant Lectin Domains in a polypeptide or EST sequence, followed by a classification of the identified domains into known families.