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  • BioOligo As part of the suite of interlinked Databases of 3D Structures of Glycan, BioOligo. contains representations, 3D structures and NMR spectra of most occurring glycans
  • GlycoStore Provides a centralised resource that combines glycan structure information with chromatographic separation and electrophoretic data.
  • KEGG Glycan The KEGG GLYCAN structure database is a collection of experimentally determined glycan structures. It contains all unique structures taken from CarbBank, structures entered from recent publications, and structures present in KEGG pathways
  • UniCarb-DB UniCarb-DB is a structural and mass spectrometric database used in glycomics. UniCarb-DB provides over 1000 LC-MS/MS spectra for N- and O-linked glycans released from glycoproteins that were manually annotated.




  • Galaxy a useful method for an analytical procedure for N-glycan structures. Galaxy is a 2D/3D mapping method developed for the structural determination of asparagine-linked oligosaccharides (N-glycans) in glycoproteins.
  • GIGTool GIG Tool is an application that extracts (i) precursor masses, (ii) oxonium ions and glycan fragments from tandem (liquid chromatography (LC)–MS/MS) mass spectra for glycan identification, and (iii) reporter ions from quaternary amine containing isobaric tag for glycan (QUANTITY) isobaric tags.
  • GLYCH GLYCH (GLYcan CHaraterization) is package for glycan characterization using MS/MS.
  • GlycoMod GlycoMod is a tool that can predict the possible oligosaccharide structures that occur on proteins from their experimentally determined masses
  • GlycoProfileAssigner Automated structural assignment with error estimation for glycan LC data
  • GlycoSearchMS GlycoSearchMS takes a list of mass spectra peak values as input and searches for matches with the calculated fragments of SweetDB structures.
  • GlycoWorkbench A suite of software tools designed for the rapid drawing of glycan structures and for assisting the process of structure determination from mass spectrometry data.
  • GRITS ToolBox GRITS Toolbox combines the analytical power of glycan permethylation with glycopeptide analysis, preserving site-specific information for comprehensive glycoprotein analysis
  • KCaM KEGG Carbohydrate Matcher s a tool for the analysis of carbohydrate sugar chains, or glycans. It consists of a web-based graphical user interface that allows users to enter glycans easily with the mouse
  • MultiGlycan To help user to gather glycan profile information from LC-MS Spectra. It also reports quantity of specific glycan composition