From Monosaccharides to Polysaccharides, from Structures to 3D Databases
(S. Perez)
Article : Protein-Carbohydrate interactions : Molecular Modeling Insights

Solution Studies : Analytical Ultracentrifugation, SAXS, SANS, MALS
Documentation for Practicals
(Ch. Ebel)

Protein Crystallography and Kinetic Crystallography : A Case Study with a Glycosyl Transferase
(A. Royant)

Application of Neutron Diffraction to Glycoscience
(T. Forsyth)

Protein-Sugar Interactions : Surface Plasmon Resonnance
A Comprehensive Review
(N. Thielens)

Protein-Sugar Interactions : IsoThermal Micro-Calorimetry
(B. Turnbull)

NMR of Oligosaccharides and Protein-Oligosacharide Complexes
(A. Molinaro)
Article Rules of Engagements

Structural Bioinformatics and Molecular Modeling (J. Koča)
-* Structural Bioinformatics
-* Molecular Modeling

Electron Microscopy : New Opportunities
(H. Malet)

Combination of Various Structural and Biophysical Approaches to Study Lectins from Pathogens
(M. Wimmerova)

A RodapMap for Glycoscience in Europe