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Bacterial Polysaccharides : Integrated use of Databases and Computational Tools for their Structural Investigations

Ferran Nieto Fabregat, Roberta Marchetti & Serge Perez


Why are glycans so important ? Glycans, also known as carbohydrates, saccharides or sugars, cover all living cells from humans to

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Carbohydrate Databases

First of all, the accumulation and processing of published carbohydrate-related information resulted in several databases, including glycan structures and properties,

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In conclusion, all the bioinformatic tools described here are pivotal support to the interpretation of experimental data and represent a

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1. Aspinall, G. O., The Polysaccharides. Vol. 2 Academic Press : Orlando ; London, 1983 2. Turnbull, J. E. ; Field, R. A.,

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The Authors

Ferran Nieto Fabregat Ferran graduated in chemistry with a biological mention in 2018 at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), basing

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