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The Plant Cell Walls

Jean-Paul Joseleau & Serge Perez


(A hard-copy is available at : Observing a section of cork with a microscope that he had himself devised, Robert Hooke,

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Primary Wall Hemicelluloses

Xyloglucan (XG) They consist of a β-(1-4)-linked D-glucopyranosyl backbone carrying various side chains of D-xylopyranosyl-α-1-, D-galactopyranosyl-β-(1-2)-D-xylopyranosyl-α-1- , L-arabinofuranosyl-(1-2)-D-xylopyranosyl-α-1-, and (except

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The Authors

Jean-Paul Joseleau Jean-Paul Joseleau received his education in chemistry at the University of Grenoble (1959-1962), and obtained a Ph.D. degree

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