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Algae in the Bioeconomy


J-L. Wertz & S. Perez


CRC Press, ISBN 9781032604657 231 Pages 150 B/W Illustrations

Algae play an important ecological role as oxygen producers and carbon sequesters and are the food base for all aquatic life. Algae are economically important as a source of crude oil, food and feed, and pharmaceutical and industrial products. High-value and sustainable products from algae are already economically viable and can be a fundamental driver for fuel production.

Algae in the Bioeconomy provides a detailed overview of the chemical composition of algae and shows that an integrated biorefinery approach is necessary for large-scale algae production and conversion, where multiple products are produced. This book serves as a unique compendium of knowledge covering the essential features of algae and their applications.

  • Discusses the structural chemistry and biology of micro- and macroalgal
  • components
  • Describes classification, occurrence, conversion, and production of micro- and macroalgae
  • Offers strategies for optimal use of micro- and macroalgae in the bioeconomy, including regional strategies in the EU, US, China, India, Malaysia, Norway, and Chile
  • Features forewords from international experts offering both a scientific and an economic/strategic viewpoint
  • This book is intended for an interdisciplinary audience in chemical engineering, biotechnology, and environmental science and engineering, promoting research, development, and application of algae as a sustainable resource.

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