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Analysis and Validation of Overall N-glycan Conformation in Privateer


J.S. Dialpuri, H. Bagdonas, M. Atanasova, L.C. Schofield, M.L. Hekkelman, R.P. Joosten & J. Agirrea


Acta Cryst D, Acta Cryst. (2023). D79, 462–472

The oligosaccharides in N-glycosylation provide key structural and functional contributions to a glycoprotein. These contributions are dependent on the composition and overall conformation of the glycans. The Privateer software allows structural biologists to evaluate and improve the atomic structures of carbohydrates, including N-glycans; this software has recently been extended to check glycan composition through the use of glycomics data. The present version of Privateer broadens the scope of the software to analyse and validate the overall conformation of N-glycans is presented, focusing on a newly compiled set of glycosidic linkage torsional preferences harvested from a curated set of glycoprotein models.

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