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Chemical Reviews: Glycosciences Issue.

The Chemical Reviews thematic issue is called “Glycosciences” to illustrate the broader impact of carbohydrate chemistry on other sciences, opening new frontier knowledge and technologies that have only become possible through cross-disciplinary collaborations.
These have led to exciting new discoveries, for example, in our understanding and treatment of microbial infections. Glycosylation is now understood as a fundamental process regulating intra- and intercellular processes. By analyzing the glycomes of cells and organisms, new insights and techniques are being developed for personalized healthcare and medicine. At the same time, carbohydrate chemistry has also benefitted from advances in other areas of science, and one of the most prominent interactions has been with computational scientists. The complexity of the carbohydrate structure through its multiple combinatorial stereochemistries of monosaccharides and glycosidic linkages has always attracted a cadre of dedicated glycoscientists. Still, it has been lamented by the broader community as being too complicated. However, we are now in the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, providing us with tools that can tackle complexity in biology and celebrate and recognize it as an essential aspect of Nature. This thematic issue reviews some specific examples

Introduction: Glycosciences , Sabine L. Flitsch, Chemical Reviews 2022, 122, 20, 15501-15502 (Editorial)

The Synthesis and Glycoside Formation of Polyfluorinated Carbohydrates, Kler Huonnic and Bruno Linclau*, Chemical Reviews 2022, 122, 20, 15503-15602

Glycoconjugates: Synthesis, Functional Studies, and Therapeutic Developments, Sachin S. Shivatare , Vidya S. Shivatare and Chi-Huey Wong*; Chemical Reviews 2022, 122, 20, 15603-15671

Synthetic Glycans to Improve Current Glycoconjugate Vaccines and Fight Antimicrobial Resistance , Linda Del Bino Kitt Emilie Østerlid Dung-Yeh Wu Francesca Nonne Maria Rosaria Romao, Jeroen Codée, Roberto Adamo*, Chemical Reviews 2022, 122, 20, 15672-15716

The Astounding World of Glycans from Giant Viruses, Immacolata Speciale, Anna Notaro, Chantal Abergel, Rosa Lanzetta, Todd L. Lowary, Antonio Molinaro, Michela Tonetti, James L. Van Etten and Cristina De Castro*, Chemical Reviews 2022,122, 20, 15717-15766

A Journey from Structure to Function of Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides, Flaviana Di Lorenzo, Katarzyna A. Duda, Rosa Lanzetta, Alba Silipo, Cristina De Castro, and Antonio Molinaro*, Chemical Reviews 2022, 122, 20, 15767-1582

Demystifying the O-GlcNAc Code: A Systems View Junfeng Ma*, Chunyan Hou, and Ci Wu, Chemical Reviews, 2022, 122, 20, 15822-15864

High-Throughput Glycomic Methods, Irena Trbojević-Akmačić, Guinevere S. M. Lageveen-Kammeijer, Bram Heijs, Tea Petrović , Helena Deriš, Manfred Wuhrer, and Gordan Lauc*, Chemical Reviews 2022, 122, 20, 15865-15913

Multifaceted Computational Modeling in Glycoscience, Serge Perez*and Olga Makshakova, Chemical Reviews, 2022, 122, 20, 15914-1597

Glycoinformatics in the Artificial Intelligence Era, Daniel Bojar* and Frederique Lisacek*, Chemical Reviews, 2022, 122, 20, 15971-1598

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