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Carbohydrate-based drugs launched during 2000_2021


X. Cao, X. Du, H. Jiao, Q. An, R. Chen, P. Fang, J. Wang, B. Yu


Carbohydrate-based drugs launched during 2000_2021 Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B, (2022)

Carbohydrates are fundamental molecules involved in nearly all aspects of life, such as forming the genetic and energy materials, supporting the structure of organisms, constituting invasion and host defence systems, and forming antibiotics’ secondary metabolites. Naturally occurring carbohydrates and their derivatives have been extensively studied as therapeutic agents for treating various diseases. From 2000 to 2021, 54 carbohydrate-based drugs, which contain carbohydrate moieties as the central structural units, have been approved as drugs or diagnostic agents.
The report provides a comprehensive review of the chemical structures, activities, and clinical trial results of these carbohydrate-based drugs, which are categorized by their indications into antiviral drugs, antibacterial/antiparasitic drugs, anticancer drugs, antidiabetics drugs, cardiovascular drugs, nervous system drugs, and other agents.

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