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A Complete 3D Glycan Library for SAMSON Molecular Design

SAMSON offers new functionalities for visualising and modelling glycans and complex polysaccharides. (

A complete library of 128 3D structures of monosaccharides (cyclic, linear, Hexoses, Pentoses, Ketoses (D, L configuration); alpha/beta-pyranose; alpha/beta furanose) and their substituents is available.
Another library provides 3D structures and SNFG Symbol Nomenclature for Glycans) representations of monosaccharides, most commonly found in Algae, Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) N- and O-linked Glycans, and Plant polysaccharides.

Various visual depictions for glycans ( with 3D SNFG representations can be displayed with several options. Representation mode: Shapes (3D SNFG) or Rings (filled rings). Shape radius: modify the size of 3D SNFG shapes. Glycan bond radius: modify the radius of connections between the saccharides in the glycan

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