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Starch Structure, Functionality and Application in Foods


Shujun Wang


Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2020


  • History of Starch Research. Les Copeland
  • Botanical Sources of Starch Shujun Wang, Peng Guo
  • Fine Structure of Amylose and Amylopectin Xiangli Kong
  • Multiscale Structures of Starch Granules Shujun Wang, Hanbin Xu, Huiyu Luan
  • Amylose–Lipid Complex Qiang Huang, Xu Chen, Shaokang Wang, Jianzhong Zhu
  • Phase Transitions of Starch and Molecular Mechanisms Shujun Wang, Chen Chao, Shiqing Huang, Jinglin Yu
  • Rheological, Pasting, and Textural Properties of Starch Shujun Wang, Fei Ren
  • Starch Modification and Application Shujun Wang, Jinwei Wang, Yi Liu, Xia Liu
  • In Vitro Starch Digestion: Mechanisms and Kinetic Models Bin Zhang, Haiteng Li, Shaokang Wang, Shahid Ahmed Junejo, Xingxun Liu, Qiang Huang
  • Digestibility of Starches for Human Health. Les Copeland

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