The fascinating world of Siglec Proteins : A...

Benedetta Girardi & Serge Perez

Popular Glycoscience : Starch as a Marker and...

Symbolic Representation of Monosaccharides in...

Serge Perez

Measuring Carbohydrate-Lectin Interactions :...

Margherita Duca

Case study of Glycomimetics against Multi-Drug

Rafael Bermeo

An Overview of Human Innate Immunity

Ieva Sutkeviciute - Franck Fieschi

Human Immunodeficiency Virus : the Infection...

Ieva Sutkeviciute - Franck Fieschi

Structure and Morphology of Cellulose

Serge Perez - William Mackie

NMR for Structural Glycoscience. Part I -...

Juan-Carlos Munoz-Garcia, Jesus Angulo Alvarez & Pedro Manuel Nieto Mesa

NMR for Structural Glycoscience. Part II....

Juan-Carlos Munoz-Garcia, Jesus Angulo Alvarez & Pedro Manuel Nieto Mesa

Herpesvirus-Induced Glycans

Rickard Nordén

Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry for...

Cristina de Castro

Bacterial Polysaccharides : Integrated use of...

Ferran Nieto Fabregat, Roberta Marchetti & Serge Perez

The Structure of Bacterial Cell Wall

N. Jean, C. Bougault & J.P. Simorre

The Plant Cell Walls

Jean-Paul Joseleau & Serge Perez

Blood Group ABO and its variants

Lola Svensson, Serge Pérez & Stephen Henry

Carbohydrate and Immunology on the Way to...

Fabrizio Chiodo

Overview of Immune Responses : A Primer.

Carlo Pifferi

Anti-cancer Immunotherapy

Carlo Pifferi

Synthesis and Immunological Properties Tumor...

Carlo Pifferi

Nanocellulose based-material for wound...

Clementine Darpentigny & Bruno Jean

A Traveler’s Guide to Complex Carbohydrates in...

Davide Alocci, Frederique Lisacek & Serge Perez

From Chitin to Chitosan

Marguerite Rinaudo & Serge Pérez

The Lignin Conundrum - Complex Plant Biomacromolec

Katia Ruel & Jean-Paul Joseleau

Mechanisms behind the Assembly and Stabilization

Natalia S. Baranova & Ralf. P Richter

In situ Physico-Chemical Characterization of...

Natalia S. Baranova & Ralf P. Richter

45 Years at Work with Glyco

Hans Kamerling

Sweet Art

Karen Barber